Top NSF Grant Receiving Institutions

The other day I was thinking about about how to get some grant money, and I started wondering what institutions get the most money from the National Science Foundation.  The results weren’t entirely what I expected.  I would never have guessed, for instance, that the University of Illinois got a few huge grants to further supercomputing and cyberinfrastructure, placing it at number three for the most money received by the NSF last year.  I had never even heard of the Consortium for Ocean Leadership, which at number two, got tens of millions to research off shore drilling and a large scale ocean sensor network among other things.  The most money went to Lockheed Martin for the United States Antarctic ProgramMy institution came in at number sixty-seven, with the greatest proportion of the grants going towards the Graduate Research Fellowship Program.  I guess that’s good news for me.

Code for the chart is on my GitHub page.

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